Top 10 reasons To Try GMAT Boost For Only $10

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Remember that GMAT Boost offers:

  • 250+ challenging GMAT Math practice questions, each with a thorough video explanation
  • 100+ GMAT Math video tips, each 90 seconds or less

It’s a total of 20+ hours of expert instruction.

Here are 10 reasons to check out GMAT Boost for the introductory price of just $10.

  1. Experience: I’ve created and explained thousands of GMAT Math questions and scored a 780 on the GMAT.
  2. Different Approach: Less rehashing of basics, more specific insights. Less “what,” more “how” and “why.”
  3. Focus: GMAT Boost is the only prep company focused exclusively on GMAT Math.
  4. Challenging Questions: To get into the toughest schools, you need to practice with the toughest questions.
  5. Total Control: Pause, replay, interrupt, skip ahead. Spend as much time as you want on each topic.
  6. Convenience: Access GMAT Boost anytime, from anywhere with the internet. Stop lugging those books around.
  7. Versatility: Use it as an intro, or use it to supplement a full test prep course.
  8. Constant Improvement: New features, questions, and tips will be added monthly based on user feedback/requests.
  9. Real Customer Service: Email me directly with any questions you have:
  10. Price: The introductory price is only $10! That’s 1% of the cost of a prep course and 10% of the cost of one tutoring session!

If you have any questions, just let me know!


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